Your organization’s identity is one of the most important pieces of a quality marketing plan. Your logo is oftentimes the thing your potential clients or customers will see first. Midwestern Interactive thrives on the creative process and will work with your team to create an identity that will speak volumes about your organization … not to mention catch the eye of potential clients and customers.

Midwestern Interactive will provide you with tools to make sure your brand is consistent across all marketing mediums. We provide color palettes, font libraries and marketing collateral (business cards, mailers, billboard advertising and product guides).

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Website Development

Web Site Development

Midwestern Interactive specializes in unique web site design that isn’t based on templates or what’s been done before. Our specialty is creating a custom look that’s unique to your website and provides an edge over your competitors. We don’t just design how it looks, we also design how your users will interact with and experience your site.

Midwestern will take your designs and turn them into vibrant sites that your users will love to interact with. Midwestern Interactive brings the latest web technologies to the forefront of your site, giving your users an experience they will rarely experience on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization is a sought after skill because it is no longer a product that can be purchased. There are always ways to purchase ads based on key words, but who clicks on those ads? Studies show that 94% of people searching always skip the ads and go to organic results. We specialize in SEO strategies and plans that will yield results.

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Web Applications

Web Apps

User Interface and User Experience design is one of Midwestern’s favorite parts of being an interactive agency. We love listening to clients and the goals they want to achieve with their apps and the efficiency they want to raise by digitizing their workflow. We’ll come in and listen to your objectives and construct a plan to accomplish those goals through the Web Application. We’ll design your application flow, as well as the look and feel your users will experience. Once the design is done, we’ll make it come to life and put it to work for your organization.

Developing web-based applications is very rewarding for us. We often see tangible growth results in business, efficiency and capacity. Midwestern has built custom applications for many organizations that have needed a custom solution to their workflow or idea.

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