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Your organization's identity is one of the most important pieces of a quality marketing plan. Your logo is often times the thing your potential clients or customers will see first. Midwestern Interactive thrives on the creative process and will walk through it with your team. We will work together to create an identity that speaks volumes about your organization.

Web Marketing

​Midwestern Interactive specializes in unique web design that aren't based on templates and whats been done before. Our specialty is doing things custom and different so your website will have a competitive edge over your competitors. We don't only design how it looks we also design how your users will interface with your site, and how your users will experience your site.

Web Apps

We love listening to clients and the goals they want to achieve with their applications. Developing web based applications are very rewarding for us because you often see tangible growth results in business, efficiency, and capacity. Midwestern has built custom applications for many organizations that have needed a custom solution to their workflow or idea.

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"I wanted my visual presence on the web to be congruent with the quality of the music I write and Midwestern did exactly that."
- Tony Anderson

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"Midwestern strives to understand their clients needs, and deliver quality systems that enhance their clients strengths."
- Art Feeds

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"Midwestern was professional from start to finish, and they did an amazing job of helping us execute our goals and objectives."
- Forest Park

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"We wanted to answer 80% of people's questions upon a single visit to our website, and the guys at Midwestern made that happpen."
- Unearthed Pictures


What We’ve Been Working On

February 26 2014

It's here at last! Welcome to the new midwesterninteractive.com! We've been hard at work getting this site up and running. We are excited to finally be able to invite all of you fine people in to poke around and see what we've been up to. We've designed this site for ourselves not only to showcase solutions we've provided for our clients, but to also explain the decisions that led to those solutions. As a company, we pride ourselves in delivering unique and custom solutions to accommodate ...

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