The Law Store

"Midwestern was quick to serve and was the only constistent performer we hired, we had gone through several vendors and ended up giving all our digital work to them."

- The Law Store

The Law Store provides in-person and online legal services for a variety of cases and clients. Founded by a group of legal professionals, this unique firm aims to make legal assistance affordable and accessible for everyone. They promise direct attorney contact, no hidden fees, extended office hours, and several locations.

Custom Built Software

Initially, The Law Store came to Midwestern for a piece of custom-built matter management software. Matter management software is used by legal professionals to track data and manage workflow as they deliver services to their clients.

The legal field is known for its complexity, and processes are often weighed down with mounds of paperwork. The Law Store had tried off-the-shelf management software that was designed for their industry, but it didn’t deliver the functionality they needed. Because they operate several brick and mortar locations and maintain a significant presence online, they needed a system that could manage cases coming from multiple venues and could be accessed anywhere.

After talking with them about their daily tasks and workflow, Midwestern built cloud-based software for The Law Store that automated several multi-step legal procedures, simplifying their workflow and leaving less room for human error.

One of the services The Law Store provides is fixing traffic tickets. Typically, someone who wants a ticket removed contacts an attorney and schedules a meeting. The attorney takes the case to court, a judge rules, and then the client pays a fine, goes to traffic school, and sees their insurance premium increase. With the software we built, someone who gets a speeding ticket simply enters their information in our system, pays the fine, and goes on with life.

Our software takes that information and creates a series of notifications that are sent to the right people. They sign the required paperwork, which is sent to the appropriate courts. All of these processes happen automatically, efficiently, and without paper.

Filing for an LLC, creating a simple will, drafting a rental agreement, creating a bill of sale - all of these tasks and more can be performed digitally through our software. Legal work that would normally be complicated and slow becomes simple and quick on the platform we built. Through this software, The Law Store was able to offer their clients a better way to resolve common legal issues, and because it’s so efficient, they were able to offer these services to more people.

Digital Advertising, SEO, and More

After we built the matter management software, The Law Store also asked us to develop iOS and Android apps that could be accessed from a web browser or through a mobile device. As we delivered on each of these projects, we had the opportunity to show The Law Store how our diverse skill set could help them grow. Eventually, they also put us in charge of their SEO, digital marketing, and direct email campaigns.

This kind of transition happens naturally with many of our software clients. Building high-quality software is important, but it takes great marketing to get that software into the hands of potential customers. The Law Store had tried working with other national marketing firms, but these companies hadn't followed through on their promises.

Midwestern had an advantage over those national brands because we knew the software and we understood The Law Store’s vision. We were well-positioned to create highly effective digital and email marketing materials.

We watched traffic on their website and built campaigns based on shopping cart activity. We increased The Law Store’s SEO and expanded their organic search traffic through content writing, technical writing, and detailed market research. In addition, we targeted digital advertising to specific, underserved areas of law practice. This helped The Law Store expand into new markets and reach customers their competitors were missing.

Mobile Application Development

As the client base for The Law Store began to grow, they quickly realized the need for a client facing application for Apple iOS and Android. With that in mind, on a 3-month sprint Midwestern created an API and iOS / Android native mobile application with all the bells and whistles. App store approval, push notifications, badges, ticket scanner, camera uploads, real-time messages and much more.

The app allows for the ability of clients to easily track and manage their case via push notifications, attorney to client messaging, payment updates, document signatures, and the storage of case documents in their "Virtual Vault".

We provided all the support and communication for the approval process for the application to both Apple and Android. After adjustments required, and information requested we passed the approval process with flying colors!

What Can Midwestern Do for You?

In our initial conversations with The Law Store, we learned the ins and outs of their daily workflow. We discovered that most of their processes were people-driven and paper-driven, which meant they were wasting time and resources. They shared their goals, gave us the lead on the technical side of things, and we delivered.

Is your company as efficient as it could be? If you’re entering a lot of data, performing the same procedures repeatedly, or trying to find workarounds for your current software system, the answer is probably no. Our team is ready to develop efficient, digital solutions that position your company for growth.

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