Syber MD

"We looked for many developers that could accomplish the goals of our new start up, and Midwestern stood out with of their knowledge and experience. Can't image what we would have done without them."

- Syber MD

Syber MD is a software as a service solution to provide doctor and patient care virtually through a mobile application. It allows physicians to connect with patients as long as there is an internet connection. This software application is providing ground-breaking care to rural hospitals and health organizations at the touch of buttons on their Apple iOS / Android mobile devices.

A Software Application That Save Lives

With an interest in making a difference, Midwestern was an absolute fit for this project. We had the experience, the knowledge and most of all the heart. When meeting with Syber MD it was clear to us that this project had a lot of potential if developed properly.

With the nature of this project being an emergency application we had to make sure all our I's where dotted and T's where crossed. For a project like this, it is imperative that we provide HIPAA compliance for cloud-based patient information.

Security and reliability are the most important factors when it comes to health care applications, and Midwestern has this type of security requirements in their tool belt.

SaaS Application

Though the original goal was for Syber MD to service their own urgent medical needs, we helped them develop a model that provides this tool for other health care institutions and facilities.

This platform manages subscriptions, and user guidance to snap this service into any existing health care organization or emergency care group. All of the data is segregated between the accounts and is protected by privacy and security encryption while the data is in transit as well as at rest.

Managed Growth

As Syber MD grows, their needs will grow, and Midwestern will be there to help. We provide many monthly digital and development services to help companies like Syber MD grow their bottom line while increasing profits through efficient systems developed by Midwestern Interactive.

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