SS&B Heating & Cooling

"Midwestern delivered a beautifully crafted, uniquely responsive site that has taken us to page one on organic google search results"

- SS&B Heating & Cooling

SS&B Heating & Cooling came to Midwestern with goals for a complete redesign of the company’s website. They needed a site their customers could access on any device. They also had specific Search Engine Optimization goals to increase their organic placement on search results. They wanted to make it to the first page of HVAC searches.

50 Years in Business

SS&B Heating and Air is a 50-year-old company with about 20 employees in the great metropolis of Springfield, MO. They are dependable, kind, fair, and honest. These are the good guys in the world.

Their customers, new and repeat, call them by name and are thankful for the work they do. They receive awards for excellent service as well as a community contribution. And when you look into what makes them great, you'll find what you'd expect -- thoroughness, excellent work, friendly staff, and fair pricing.

What is less common, though, is their dedication to the education of employees and customers alike. They maintain their own knowledge about the latest advancements in heating and air. They carefully study the work they've been asked to estimate for a customer and do research where necessary. They teach their customers about the work that needs to be done. They even provide comprehensive information through the website.

Their customer service is also to be admired. They dedicate staff solely to customer service. They choose professionals who are experts in their jobs. And they allow these experts to focus on their job, rather than fielding calls, organizing the schedule, and so on. And if you check out some of their customer reviews, you'll see they even personally respond to them.

With education and customer service at the core of their business, SS&B wanted a website that would reflect these values. Midwestern Interactive built a customer-focused site customized for updating SEO content that would provide education as well as a means to communicate so SS&B can focus on doing what they do best.

Teach a man to fish, and he'll be a customer for life

SS&B took the time to really go over my house. They went in the attic to inspect the insulation and into the crawlspace to inspect the ductwork. They measured my house and windows. There were other companies that checked my crawlspace, too, but NONE of them suggested repairing my ducts. SS&B took pictures and showed me they were all leaking.

SS&B was thorough in his load calculations, showing we needed a smaller unit than the competitors suggested.

Of three contractors who bid this job, SS&B were the only ones who actually measured our house, looked at our ductwork, got in the attic, etc. Then they provided three different options, explained the pros and cons of each, and gave us an on the spot bid.

This is where SS&B wants to spend their time--with the customer and figuring out a solution to their problem. They are proud to be a source for helpful hints and other basic information, but they needed a more efficient method than having their mechanics operating a heating and air hotline.

With a website loaded with well-organized information and accessibility on all mobile devices, the customer can find answers to his basic questions anywhere at any time. SS&B's technicians are free to focus on what they do best.

One of the most important tasks was getting their current blog off a hosted platform site and completely into their control. We customized the design to be modern, striking and harmonious with the rest of the site and products.

SS&B noticed they were answering the same questions over and over, so we built a FAQs page. More than just a source for basic information, SS&B can embed links to related product items, furthering the potential for bringing on customers.

SS&B Heating and Cooling, How may I help you?

SS&B needed a way to keep its technicians in the field, not on the phones answering questions and setting up appointments. The website provides information to help, but we took it a step further.

The customer searches for a company, clicks on the first few they find, and comes to a page that is modern, professional and helpful. They click on the Contact button to get their address and phone number and find, lo and behold, a form they can complete immediately whether they are on a desktop computer or mobile device.

The information gathered from the customer is then collected and organized so technicians and office staff can handle the calls efficiently. And of course, valuing education as they do, the customer's details prepare them for the call, saving time on both ends.

If the site can screen calls, why not screen job applicants as well? We made a dedicated page for job postings with a simple Apply button. Applicants complete the form with the information SS&B needs to determine viable applicants. This information is organized and stored for screening, interview preparation and long term filing for future employment needs.

The technicians can get on the road and into customers' homes. The office manager can focus on operations. And customer service can focus on handling customers efficiently.

Modern Mechanics

SS&B keeps up to date with the latest in heating and cooling technology, and they wanted their site to reflect their relevancy. Midwestern Interactive developed a site appropriate for the industry and added high-quality features for a high-tech audience.

SS&B's site uses high-impact photos to provide a framework for the comprehensive information the site provides. Likewise, they publish educational and promotional video in their FAQ and blog. The coolest feature, though, is a 360-degree interactive tour of their showroom.

Brothers From Another Field

Thorough. Honest. Great at what they do. Some values never change. But a lot has changed in the last 50 years.

SS&B has grown with technology and adapted to the customer even though they remain a small business. The focus on customer education they have always provided extends now to a much larger audience. The amount of time they spend in the field has increased because they've used technology to their advantage instead of fighting against it.

It was such a pleasure to work with professionals who, although they do very different work than we do, still rely on the same values Midwestern Interactive lives by.

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