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Life is Good

Life really is good when we get to work with such awesome clients.


Life is Good is an iconic apparel company with three simple words to help people focus on the good. They’ve formed a community, and built a foundation that provides resources to childcare professionals. Their entire goal is to inspire optimism. They needed more devs to do it.


Our objective was to come in and help supplement a stellar but rapidly growing company. We are building up a REST API in Express/node.js that serves analytic data for their sales per unique artist on the backend of their sales site. Life is Good can easily track the designs and analytics for the various products of t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and so on. What Midwestern is helping their team do is internally optimize their sales and give their artists credit.


Life is Good

Embedded Engineering Roles:

REST API Framework




Seamless integrations reminding us life is so good.