We helped Kevin Jonas create a wedding invite app for his brother and Priyanka for their big day.


Being a celebrity can cause things to get a bit harry when planning big events. When Nick and Priyanka were planning their wedding, Kevin wanted to provide his brother with an efficient way to invite guests, sign NDAs, and give their guests all the information they needed. They needed an app that would be efficient, beautiful, and secure.


When developing Invyted, we prioritized security and efficiency. We utilized a stack that provided the integrity and flexibility that was necessary when planning a wedding. All the features they needed, and a user interface beyond compare! First, they needed a customizable and unique way to invite guests, we created a responsive and engaging front end that provided easy invites, quick RSVP times, with an NDA element in the user flow. It was a smooth overall wedding invitation experience.

Next, the happy couple wanted guests to have as much information about the venue and hotel as they could provide, giving the guests more information than the average wedding for a better and more enjoyable wedding attendance experience. We integrated a chat feature so if the guests had any questions, they were able to communicate on a designated platform where they could provide quick and informed responses.

The design team wanted to nod at both Nick and Priyanka’s cultures so we blended some Indian styles with a sleek contemporary finish.


Kevin Jonas

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We created a seamless, glitch-free solution for sharing information with wedding guests.