Embedded product design & engineering FTEs, joyfully stuck to their team like glue


Gloo is a tech organization focused on insights, communities, and building tools that serve churches and help their missions thrive. They needed a way to help leaders of churches gather information about the people within their communities to implement the strategies and share the information their congregations need to hear.


Our objective was to come in and help create a scalable micro-service API for their new mobile app. Gloo hired 2 backend node/nest FTEs from our team to work with the mobile engineers and product designers. We are now up to 9 engineering FTEs and 2 Product Design FTEs working on their most important projects.

In the process of our partnership with Gloo, we have built a new API for the native app, making it faster and easier to use. We helped create new paradigms for the team to bolster infrastructure and make it more stable. We implemented cross-service federated GraphQL resolvers and Mutations allowing new links to be created as data changes and because more robust in the platform. We also implemented Consumer-Driven Contract testing in the circleci builds using Newman from postman as well as helped deploy new services using their k8s infrastructure



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MWI has served Gloo with significant engineering and product design resources for 18+ months and has touched dozens of backend and front end development projects at Gloo, always setting the bar high and always delivering. MWI engineering has provided Gloo with an embedded, staff aug type experience and their commitment to Gloo’s success is indistinguishable from Gloo full time employees. MWI engineering has the subtle knack of participating in just the right amount of process to ensure alignment and necessary synchronization while at the same time remaining scrappy and resourceful and fast moving to ensure they exceed expectations and always deliver.

Brian JohnsonSenior Director Of Engineering

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From three FTEs to eleven, we're now all glood together.

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