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Measuring consent the way it should be done.


We tasked ourselves to build a platform to serve the most common needs of large SaaS companies. To build a new privacy policy, or terms of service, etc to hold such forms for security and consent plugged into your site or software. As GDPR expands and policies become strict with privacy of information, it was a tool for use on our own projects, and a tool for other companies to use. We were rebuilding the same solution with every project.


We approached our task as if we were filling our own needs and then going above and beyond. While this add on is mainly for engineer centered companies, we prepped it to be plugged in by someone with API knowledge.

We integrated the ability to build your own consent documents, but gave non legally binding examples of privacy policies, terms of service, and a few other forms for companies to jump off of, with custom functionality for every project in their system. When terms of service update, the users are notified and asked for consent as soon as it does. 

Within Consently, you can manage users, anonymously store data to verify consenters, and so much more. This business to business consent plugin is revolutionary, with a drop dead gorgeous design and logical user flow.



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Forms that follow all the rules you need them to, developed by the most reliable team in the industry.