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Chief Pizza

Pizza named in honor of heritage.


pizza-lovingWe were challenged to create a brand incorporating heritage, current culture, and a love of wood fire pizza. We had to find a balance in branding that represented their pizza loving team in the best light and showcase their hearts.


The owner approached us with an idea to honor his grandmother, the chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and needed a logo. Our designers created a balanced design with every element necessary to communicate pizza, balance, and their heritage. The pizza slice representing a teepee showcases the heritage and represents their brand perfectly. The slogan above shows the balance of letters and weight, topping all the other elements of the logo. “Eat In Balance” was a play on the Shawnee slogan “Walk In Balance”. The logo fits perfectly on pizza boxes, business cards, and even adaptable to the design of their wood fired food truck!


Chief Pizza

Creative Roles:

Logo Design


Voice and Messaging

Collateral Design

Promotional Design


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator



A timeless design to last beyond a lifetime and embody the deliciousness of sharing and coming together.