Battery Outfitters

"Midwestern has been a great partner every step of the way. They helped us grow our business in to a space that has infinite scalability."

- Battery Outfitters

Battery Outfitters had multiple brick and mortar locations with a self developed inventory system that powered their point of sale, and product quantities. With aspirations to enter into the e-Commerce space the need to mesh their local inventory and digital inventory was a must have. Midwestern was able to provide an e-Commerce solution that maintained instore and online inventories for an accurate customer experience.

Online Scalability

Battery Outfitters was limited to brick and mortar costs to grow their business without an e-Commerce presence. When the time came for Battery Outfitters to enter the digital space Midwestern was there to fill the gap between the physical and the digital.

With obstacles such as localized inventory, local point of sale, pick up in store, online shipping, and wholesale customer pricing and ordering Midwestern delivered. We created a seamless experience not only for the Battery Outfitters customers but for their staff as well.

Many Users, One Goal

Battery Outfitters needed the final product to wear many hats and accomplish many goals. This project was challenging and provided them with a final product that allowed them to grow in ways that made a difference.

The Battery Outfitters site needed the following:

Midwestern thrives with projects that have complexity. We enjoy the process of figuring out tough problems so our clients can focus on their calling while we focus on ours. Creating meaningful and measurable results to help their business grow.

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