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Abundant Life

A soulful brand for a hearty organization.


Create a brand and website that communicates the unique solution Angie and Steven offer to homeowners in trouble, or looking to get out of their home quickly for any reason.


Our marketing team worked closely with Angie and Steven to understand the meaning and heart behind Abundant Life Investments. Their goal was to communicate they can help clients out of their home if they are facing foreclosure, going through a divorce, relocating, or for any other reason, and offer solutions to those clients so they are not hopeless or homeless.

Our team strategically mapped our voice and messaging for their landing pages and website, along with a comprehensive strategy to laser target their specific market.


Abundant Life Investments

Creative Roles:

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Collateral Strategy

Collateral Design

Web Design and Implementation

Marketing Strategy

Digital Ad Execution

Email Drip Campaign


Adobe Illustrator

Google Ads


REI Blackbook


We created a warm logo to help clients understand that Abundant Life was built different.