Cloud software is a must when considering organizational efficiency. Allowing your data to be secure, accessable, and usable streamlines your productivity; which in turn makes you more profitable.

IntermediateStarting at
$ 25K
User Permissions
Simple CRUDs
*Create - Read - Update - Delete
ProfessionalStarting at
$ 75K
User Permissions
*Create - Read - Update - Delete
API Integrations
EnterpriseStarting at
$ 125K
Complex User Permissions
Complex CRUDs
*Create - Read - Update - Delete
Big Data
API Integrations
Custom API

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Efficiency Consulting

Ever wonder the different ways your organization can increase efficiency with the cloud? Midwestern can come on site and evaluate your processes, and give you a complete report that will show you ways to use the cloud to your advantage.

Project Discovery

Organizations know they need cloud software but don't know where to start. Midwestern's project discovery will architect the plans for your software with a road map for execution. You will also receive a quote for the project when you are ready.

Work For Hire

Midwestern doesn't have to do an entire project to be useful for your organization. From code reviews to code execution you can hire Midwestern for any needs your oganization may have when it comes to software engineering.

Retained Access

Hire Midwestern to be your full time software engineering department. Skip the salaries, benefits, and hassle of managing a team of people you don't understand. Let us give you access to our biggest asset; our people and their engineering ability purposed for you.

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