You know that feeling when you're missing something big? It's as if something huge is either currently happening or about to happen and you just flat out miss it? We think good web development is this something. As we hear feedback from Our Clients, the websites we build are powerful search optimization tools in the success of their business or organization.

Are you missing out?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you aren't investing in SEO, then you are forfeiting potential revenue for your business or participation in your organization. With good web development, you don't get all the extra code that templates and website builders like SquareSpace, GoDaddy Website Builder, and WIX use. They use this extra code to allow you to be able to use the theme you have chosen to fit whatever content that you have to share. Here at Midwestern, our clients continually show up on the first page of search engine results because of the quality and clean code we produce. Custom web development wins this battle every time. The Hershewe Law Firm, a Midwestern client, continually lands on the first page of search results.

With Google's new Search Results Algorithm release on April 21st, it is, and will continually place, websites that are not responsive further and further back in its results. Read more on this here: Google Just Forgot You

User Interface (UI)

Have you used a website that has instructional videos on how to use it? Lets hope not. It's kinda like hitting yourself.

Here's why: the UI of a website should be designed to be so user friendly that you shouldn't need instructional videos on how to use it.

The internet is likely a part of your daily routine in some fashion. Here at Midwestern, we design UI's that will catch your eye and are enjoyable to navigate. The User Interface should be aesthetically pleasing and capitalize on the user experience as much as possible.

User Experience (UX)

Designing a User Experience always begins with the client. Whatever our clients biggest Call-To-Action is, we design an experience that leads the users to that end. Whether the call to action is donate, as for a non-profit, or a contact form, for a business, Midwestern designs experiences that generate traffic and as a result revenue.

In our part of the world, 45% of people browse the internet using their mobile phones instead of laptops or desktops. Because of this, we designed an alternative to the standard slide out menu on mobile phones for Christ In Youth's Program for High School Students MOVE. Where is your thumb when you browse? At the bottom of your phone. So we placed the menu slide out at the bottom of the screen.

Are you tired of missing out?

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products for a price that make sense. Contact Us if you are tired of missing out on a powerful asset to your company or organization.

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