Maybe your growing business or non-profit has reached the point where it's time to think about hiring a web developer. It's a smart decision. Research shows that consumers who have a positive experience with a company's website are more likely to do business with that company in the future. Adding someone to your team whose job is to build and oversee the structures that optimize user experience makes sense. And every website that looks sleek and functions smoothly today is going to need maintenance tomorrow.

But what if, for the cost of hiring a web developer, you could hire an entire web department? What if you could have a team of skilled developers, designers, copywriters, and more at your disposal? That's every growing company's dream, and at Midwestern Interactive, we can make it happen. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring us as your "in-house" outsourced web department.

It's Cost Effective

The average web developer salary is between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, plus benefits. So, most companies that bring a developer on staff are looking at a total cost of $60,000-$100,000 per year. Web developers have a specific and valuable skill set, but chances are, your company needs more than development. You might need help with design, branding, identity, app development, copywriting, or software development.

At MWI, we've built a team with all these skills and more. When you hire us, you're not getting one employee with one specific skill set but an entire department of creative and hard-working individuals who are already experts in their fields. If you were to give Midwestern Interactive the low end of the salary range above - $5,000 per month - you'd get 50 hours of productive time from our team. What could we do with 50 hours? We'll tell you.

We're Experienced and Efficient

For each of those 50 hours, we're putting the best person we have on your project so you're getting major bang for your buck. Most web developers you’ll hire will need some training, and you may be responsible for continuing their training over the years. That's not the case if you hire Midwestern Interactive. There's no learning curve for us, so you’re not paying our team to learn how to do their jobs on the clock.

We’re experienced and efficient, and you get the benefit of our expertise without having to pay for training or continuing education. For the minimum you'd pay to hire a web developer with little to no experience, you get access to a team of experts in their fields who are putting all their experience to work for you.

On top of that, Midwestern is a well-oiled machine. We've worked together for a long time on a variety of projects, and we already know how to cooperate in a way that delivers the best results to our clients.

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Our Team is Multifaceted

We're proud of the team we've put together and of what we collectively offer to clients. When you hire us to be your “in-house” outsourced web department, you get access to specialists in planning, web design, web development, copywriting, video production, photography, marketing and brand identity, software development, app development website maintenance, and more. We bring all these skills to the table and you don't have to pay us benefits or give us office space or coffee breaks.

Large or small, there isn't a business or non-profit who wouldn't benefit from having access to that kind of team. Whether you're a growing start-up or a leader in your field, MWI can meet you where you are. We have the resources and experience to serve a variety of clients at different points in their growth, and we'd love to talk about how our team can help you grow.

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