Midwestern’s goal is to serve our clients and community by providing quality services that produce meaningful results. We love that claim and we know our passion to create and help positively impacts our clients and their products. There are dozens of articles on the web that ask the question, “What to look for when hiring a development company” they have titles like “10 Things to Consider When Hiring an App Development Company” and try and help people through the decision process of who to hire for their development project.

So, how does Midwestern stack up when you follow the instructions of these articles? Let’s find out.

Common Suggestions made when hiring a development team:

1. Check their previous work and portfolio:

Luckily for clients looking to work with Midwestern, you’ve got lots of portfolio items to browse. These portfolio items aren't simple links to the companies that we’ve helped. No, these examples of our works paint a picture that digs into the scope of the project, provides a short testimonial from the client and provides many visuals to see what the product we built looked like.

The dozen highly detailed portfolio items we have not enough for you? You can check out our GitHub and follow us on Facebook to see what we’re up to.

2. Check the company’s project management style and technology expertise:

The best way to find out what we’re all about is to give us a call or send us an email. Part of our communication and management style is transparency. That means we’ll gladly answer any questions about how we work and what our capabilities are. We also have a lot of this information on our website. If you’re looking to learn more about how we work, you can learn straight from our clients. Clutch.co has collected reviews directly from our clients and they’re filled with information about our project management style and the technologies we work with.

It’s already great news that we are featured highly on Clutch as a PHP development company, but if you look at some excerpts from our clients, then you’d be sure our project management skills are strong and efficient. One of our clients noted in their review:

…they responded to our needs and adjusted their business to better serve our project and company style.

3. Make sure they’re recognized in their industry and have a good digital presence:

Midwestern is active on social media, involved in the development community and featured as a top company on websites like Clutch and The Manifest. We want to give our clients quality developed products, so of course we’re going to make sure our website is modern and we are up to par with all the latest tech trends.

After some analysis, it looks like Midwestern passes with flying colors when determining if we’re a good development company. If you’re still unsure, the best way to learn more is to reach out and tell us about your development project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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