If you’re looking for the best software for your company, you won’t find it in a box, on a shelf, or with a click. Template-based, generic software can be great for companies starting out. But as your business grows, you’ll find yourself hindered more than helped.

Here is what Midwestern Interactive’s custom software can do that pre-packaged software can’t.

#1- Midwestern Interactive's custom software is tailored to YOUR needs.

Pre-packaged software is built on a template and applied to all customers. Even if the template is seemingly designed with your industry in mind. You pay for services you don't need and have to pay for extra services not included in the basic package.

MWI can create software tailored exactly to your needs, your processes, your employees, your customers.

#2- Midwestern Interactive develops software with existing systems (if allowed).

Pre-packaged software limits their compatibility to the most popular systems. If your system isn’t on the list or is based on rudimentary tools like spreadsheets, you either have to change systems or create workarounds to make it all work.

Midwestern Interactive customizes software integrated with the systems you have in place as long as the existing system allows it. In most cases, customization includes replacing multiple systems.

#3- Midwestern Interactive provides training for custom software.

New software, prepackaged or custom, comes with a learning curve. Template-based software usually provides tutorials and some customer support. But again, generic software gets generic training.

Midwestern Interactive provides one-on-one and group training customized for individual employees’ functions.

#4- Midwestern Interactive provides continued, person-to-person support.

As I’ve hinted, off-the-shelf software won't meet your needs exactly how you want them to. You have to finagle a workaround or trick the system just for basic functions.

Midwestern Interactive, on the other hand, is available to address issues and can provide continued support to modify operations, often reducing your work to a click of a button.

#5- Midwestern Interactive provides secure, cloud-based software.

Most off-the-shelf software does not provide cloud storage, limiting access. If you can find generic software with cloud services, access is difficult to differentiate for confidentiality and usually costs a large fee.

Midwestern Interactive can provide secure, cloud-based storage allowing users to access information from any device with a connection to the internet at their clearance level. Essentially, any work that can be done at your desk can be done on a mobile device.

Am I Ready?

Custom software can make a difference at any point in your business’s growth process. So, yes, you’re ready. But here are a few questions to help you decide:

  • Does your company need an effective, secure method for communication? collaboration, and sharing information? Art Feeds expanded to multiple states and needed one site all employees, donors, and customers could find information and interact with the organization.
  • Do you have manual functions taking up increments of time that add up? Children’s Haven found they were spending up to an hour just filling out their clients’ names on various forms. Their custom software now requires the name once and auto fills integrated internal, community, and government forms.
  • Are you frustrated with managing clients with rudimentary tools like spreadsheets and call history? SS&B Heating and Cooling needed a way to keep its technicians in the field, not on the phones answering questions and setting up appointments. We integrated custom software into the website so the company can effectively and efficiently serve customers and job applicants.
  • Have you developed a system on basic software, like spreadsheets or chatting apps, but find you’ve reached your capacity? Lokdown began as an effective idea that quickly outgrew basic tools and manual processes. Now our mobile app protects thousands of kids in schools across the US.
  • Do you need your systems to work with other systems? Tony Anderson needed a website that would work with systems specific to his industry. We created a beautiful, dynamic site that allows him to embed video and purchasing systems.

If you see your company reflected in any of these scenarios, and the chances are high you see exactly where Midwestern Interactive can customize your systems, then we need to talk.

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