It’s springtime and for many folks, home renovation season is upon us. We’ll save a dozen ideas to a Pinterest board, buy supplies from a big box store, and get to work. But sometimes, the finished product ends up looking nothing like we imagined. And if anything goes wrong, most of us don’t have the skill or experience to fix it. What if you could hire the best contractor in the area to make your home renovation dreams come true? What if you could talk to that person about how you plan to use the space, the problems you’ve encountered in the past, and the way you want it to look and feel?

Building a software system or mobile app is similar. You could DIY something with the free programs available online, but when you’re dissatisfied with the result or run into problems, where do you turn? You could buy industry-specific software and try to make it work. But if it isn’t built around your specific needs, you’ll have to develop workarounds, which drain time and frustrate employees. (Read more about how we helped Children’s Haven with similar issues.)

There’s a better route. Midwestern Interactive is the general contractor who can bring your vision to life. We understand the structural components you’re working with, we’ve assembled a highly skilled team, and we build custom cloud-based software and mobile apps that are as useful as they are beautiful. Here’s how we do it.

Purpose-Driven Design

At Midwestern Interactive, we have a clear purpose for everything we design. Whether we’re building custom software or a mobile app for Android or iOS - we ask, “What is the task at hand, and how do we best accomplish it?” We build for specific clients and specific tasks. We’ll discuss what you want to do, who will use what we make, and how it integrates with your existing systems and procedures.

And because we built it, we can easily adapt it as your needs change. Unlike one-size-fits-all software solutions, we can grow with your company. Our custom software is cloud-based, rather than installed on your computer, which means it’s secure, easy to update, and accessible anywhere.

Quality Development

As every homeowner knows, a job done well is better than a job done fast. When Midwestern builds your custom software or mobile app, we take the same approach. We value quality over speed, and we don’t cut corners.

This means that we invest time in clean coding, great branding, and content that engages users. It takes longer, but we prioritize development on the front end to save you time in the long run. From framework to finish, we build for quality and pay attention to details.

Skilled Team

With a purpose-driven design in place and a commitment to high quality development, the next step is to put the best professionals on the job. Like an expert contractor, Midwestern Interactive has assembled a talented team to carry your project through from concept to completion.

We’ve recruited local designers, developers, and copywriters to build custom software and mobile apps that are visually appealing and easy to use. This allows our team members to concentrate their energy in the areas where they excel. Our goal is to envision, design, and execute products that our clients will be excited to use.

Perhaps you’re working with several frustrating software systems and need a secure and flexible solution that streamlines them all. Maybe a custom mobile app for Android or iOs could help your business grow in its ability to connect with customers. Midwestern Interactive is ready to build from the ground up, remodel what you have, or combine different solutions to work for you.

Give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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