So you've just commissioned a top-tier web design company (that would be us) to build a sleek, functional website. You have the best designers and developers on the job, and now it's time to think about filling out your site with content. Should you write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter to do it?

We’d recommend at least considering a professional copywriter, and here’s why: most people don’t have a communications background that has prepared them to write engaging, keyword driven content that is consistent with the brand and tone of their company and will increase their SEO. Not only that, but digital communication comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities, because people interact differently with words on a screen than they do with words on paper. Plus, even people with a communications background often get a case of writer's block when it comes to writing about themselves.

Midwestern Interactive offers professional copywriting services to help build out the message and branding of your website, with an eye toward increasing your ranking with search engines. Our copywriters know how to communicate your values and mission to potential customers in a way that's consistent with the visual design of your site.

Here are four reasons to consider hiring a Midwestern Interactive copywriter to produce content for you.

Reason #1: Consistency

One way websites fail at consistency is when the look of the site and the sound of the content don't match up. This can be jarring for potential clients. Have you ever come across a smartly designed, visually appealing website but found obvious spelling and grammar errors in the text? It happens a lot. This sends an inconsistent message to your website visitors. They’re not sure whether you know what you’re talking about or if you can be trusted with the details of the work they’re considering hiring you to do.

The second way websites fail at consistency is when the writing is technically good but a total mismatch for the tone and branding of the company. A professional copywriter can relay the information you'd like to share in a way that sounds consistent with who you are. A copywriter has an ear for the voice of your company, can write with that in mind, and will present a tone that's consistent with your brand while relaying helpful information to potential clients.

Reason #2: Efficiency

Often, the main obstacle preventing the completion of a website is filling in the written content. We see a lot of clients who initially want to develop content on their own and then spend hours staring at a blank screen. For some reason, writing about yourself or your business is especially difficult.

A copywriter brings a variety of helpful communication skills to the table. Not only can we write clearly, copywriters can help you think about what questions to ask, what information your website visitors will want to see, and how to organize that information so it's easy to find.

Hiring a copywriter moves the process of publishing your website along more quickly. And instead of spending hours writing and editing your own content, it frees you up to do the important work of running your company.

Reason #3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Midwestern Interactive specializes in search engine optimization and our copywriters are an integral part of how we increase your site's ranking. The seamless incorporation of key search words in the right places can drive your site to the top of the list. Additionally, when a site is readable, people click around and spend more time browsing it. As they do so, not only are these potential customers becoming more familiar with your brand and products, they are also increasing key metrics used by search engines to rank your site. SEO is a formula that is constantly in flux, but our professional copywriters can position your site to take advantage of these changes and surge ahead of the competition.

Reason #4: Fresh Content

When you hire a copywriter to write for your business, you're getting fresh content that doesn't appear anywhere else on the Internet. The articles are original to your site, which is something search engines take into account in their rankings. Because your copywriter isn't using a template or copying and pasting from another source, search engines know that you've put effort into providing original, customized content and they are more likely to send visitors your way.

In addition to filling in the basic content for your website, you can also hire a Midwestern Interactive copywriter to develop new content for your site on an ongoing basis through blogs or news articles. This means that your site gets updated regularly and you can spotlight features of your business, such as services you want to promote, seasonal products, community activism, or employee achievements, just to name a few. Updating your site regularly with new, professionally written content also increases your SEO, because it tells search engines that you're maintaining your site and keeping the information relevant.

Copywriters can increase your SEO, produce fresh content, make your website readable, draw new visitors, and help potential clients get a feel for the values and services you bring to the table. Our goal is to write content that converts visitors into customers. Contact us today about how Midwestern Interactive’s copywriters can make that happen more often on your website.

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