Search Engine Optimization is the new land rush. Everyone is trying to do what they can to position themselves higher and higher on Search Engine results. Some are having great success and some aren't. Some will tell you they can get you on the first page over night, and where they might be able to do that with paid advertising, studies show most people unless searching for retail products will 9 times out of 10 choose organic results over advertised results.

At Midwestern Interactive we pride ourselves in our methods for getting your website whether responsive mobile, desktop focused, or both, ready for google to crawl your web presence and love what they see.

  • Quality Error Free Code
  • Slim Code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP) markup.
  • Fast page loads on custom dedicated servers that give your users their information when they need it.
  • SEO coded, and content focused web pages.
  • Better user interface and experience to keep your users engaged and more likely to stay on your site longer because of their experience.

This list goes on and on and is proving to work. When Midwestern's hands start working for you you will see results. Jump over to our case studies to see our projects that have had great SEO success. Here is a small blurb about one of our SEO projects we did for a law firm.

When Midwestern took the Hershewe Law Firm Project they where barely placing on Search Engine results. We created a beautifully crafted vessel (their responsive mobile website) for them to sail the digital waves of search engines catching fish along the way. Now they are placing on the first page of most legal searches in the Joplin surrounding area if not the first result period.

If you are a business and are not pursuing Search Engine Optimization for your web presence you are making a mistake. Midwestern would love the opportunity to partner with your team and increase your net when it comes to internet fishing. The best way to do that is have a plan, and Midwestern can create, develop, and implement that plan for you and get you the results you expect.

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