Last year we grew exponentially. We launched incredibly successful software, grew our Midwestern Interactive family for more comprehensive services, and summited some pretty tough development mountains. Indeed, 2016 was exceptional.

But 2017 is going to be even better.

Here’s a recap of what’s the haps at MWI and what to expect this year.

We’re Growing Our Services

If you haven’t been in the office lately, you’d probably be surprised with the number of new staff. We’ve added half a dozen developers and support staff, doubling from our previous year.

What that means for you is a dedicated development team to ensure quality, innovative, and custom software solutions for your business. Wall to wall experts...literally...for you.

And we’re looking to grow. We hired based on where we want to go, not just where we are now. These folks are here to build robust, cloud based applications for small and large companies. I mean, we were good before, but now we can more efficiently build super complex applications.

And once the project is live, our new talent will provide excellent technical support, continuous Search Engine Optimization, and expanded Digital Marketing options.

Meet the team here.

We're Remodeling!

When MWI moved into 515 S Main, we put all our developers into one room, taking measures to create personal space and focus while still maintaining an easily accessible collaborative workspace. It was awkward, but thankfully we all like each other. all times anywhere they go. Pick the pages that describe your business the best and improve your users experience. Track your progress and learn along all the way.

But now. Well, it’s a little out of hand. In a good way, of course. We have people all over the place! Sitting, standing, laying on the ceiling… Ok, not really. But it kinda feels like that sometimes. And that’s not including the handful of staff off site!

We’re bursting at the seams and we need space. Originally we were going to keep our offices upstairs, but we weren’t expecting the amount of growth we’ve experienced. So we’re gutting the entire ground floor and opening it up almost completely to create a flexible work environment.

Our staff will continue sitting and standing at their desks or work tables in a common area for optimal collaboration and communication. We’ll have cozy sitting areas for informal meetings and presentations. And to better serve our clients across the nation who want to own the 21st century, we are creating a state of the art, glass-enclosed conference room.

You’re gonna wanna come see this, but don’t wait until we’re done! Come see us now and later, so you can witness the changes in person!

We’re Doing Really Cool Stuff

Obviously, we’re tech geeks. And while our skills help you make your business great, we’re still just a bunch of geeks. We love this stuff. Really. So when we get to work on new projects, when we get to use all our skills, experience and creative talent to do something new and great, we totally geek out.

Right now some of our geekiest projects include:

  • An app that manages the process of creating prescriptions and executing treatment… for seeds. That’s right. The patients are baby PLANTS! Ok. That’s a little geeky, even for us. But the software! That’s awesome.
  • A secure, confidential video conference system for doctors and counselors to consult with their patients, eliminating the need to go to the Doctor's office to be seen. Who wants to get out (or get their kids out) and wait in a waiting room and then examination room just to be told what you already know (Surprise! You’re sick!) when you can tell them from the comfort of your own pajamas?
  • A grassroots music licensing system for a West Coast company to create legitimate opportunity for less known and predominantly unsigned artists to get their music out there. You don’t have to be a big business to get great technology!
  • A complete user registration system. We created custom software providing a seamless flow from user’s first contact to event check in for less than the cost of licensing a generic system. Our client has full license authority on their product, which means they can sell their software services to users and won’t have to pay additional fees for the profits they make from others using their software services..
  • Gym management application handling everything from Member Management and billing to Programming Classes and Retail. The coolest part of this is we know the clients really, really well. They’re us. We recently acquired a local Crossfit Box (gym) with plans to expand. But we’re also designing it to adapt for the needs of other box additional, potential income.

What’s Your 2017 Outlook?

Midwestern Interactive chooses positivity as part of our brand, but we aren’t blindly smiling. A positive outlook isn’t just based on an attitude change. It’s based on assessment and creative solutions.

We design our business so our optimism is rooted in reality. And we can help you design yours for an exceptional year and hereafter.

Tell us where you want to be this time next year, and we’ll help you make that happen.

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