My bank is the greatest!

Ok, well, I’m sure it’s really good at all that stuff banks are supposed to do. But what’s important to me is my experience. And in that regard, they’re pretty dang swell.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is dressed professionally. I am greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly receptionist who makes sure my needs are met specifically and quickly. I am offered a drink while I wait for someone to help me, which is usually only moments.

They’ve got this customer service thing down.


When I went in to open an account, I was alarmed by one detail they overlooked. It. Took. Forever.

It isn’t necessarily their fault. They are at the mercy of their software provider. I know the software developer is really great at what they do. But the time it took to enter and reenter the data was simply too long.

I’ve opened accounts before and had the same experience. In fact, I now expect to wait a long time to open an account.

They write down my name, SS#, confirm my address, beneficiaries, etc. Then, type away furiously for at least 10 minutes, toggling between screens, entering the same data over and over and over. is an advanced theme solution for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works in all browsers and your clients can pay instantly, to improve their experience at all times anywhere they go.

We’ve had clients who spent more time with a computer than with their customers. Exactness and thoroughness are just as important as everyone wearing business attire, but many companies don't realize customized software can be both thorough and customer friendly.

Here’s just a few ways customized software improves customer service:

  • Company representatives have more time to build relationships and less time in data entry talk.
  • Automated progress reports keep customers informed.
  • Customer leads from websites can be categorized and communicated efficiently to reduce wait time.
  • Needs can be assessed and accommodated in a much shorter time span.
  • Projects and documents can be shared for collaboration, communication, approval and other processes, reducing overall project time.
  • Information is accessible to the right people when it’s needed.

Short wait time is less obvious to the customer than professional attire, smiling faces, friendly manners, and refreshments. But on the other hand, long wait time is blatantly obvious.

Customers also get a sense of disorganization and inefficiency. Especially when you add little things like having to answer the same questions to multiple people, not knowing the status of a project, having to wait for aggregate data (or figure it out themselves), redirected calls and emails, and so on.

Midwestern Interactive can help your company identify weaknesses in customer service that can be resolved through custom software. Give us a call.

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