A website is one of the best marketing tools a small business can acquire, and if executed right your website can ensure that answers to your customer’s questions are consumable by any potential consumer. When a website is old, or has a thrown together design, or outright dysfunctional experience, it can negatively impact your businesses image and potential sales. In most cases your potential clients first impression of you and your services come from their experience on your website. Not only can a poorly executed website cost you money lost from online visitors, but create negative conversations from a recent visitor to other potential visitors. So we have put together 3 common mistakes businesses make when it comes to their web marketing efforts.

Old or Outdated Website

If your website design and development looks or feels old and outdated, no amount of Search Engine Optimization or paid advertising will increase your conversion rate ( Visitors to Customers ). When a potential customer visits your website, you only have a few seconds to show them that your business is a quality organization that cares about their customers. If your website design is outdated, the visitor has difficulty navigating the site, or it takes - seemingly - forever to load a page, that negative experience can be a reflection on your business.

No Clear Call To Action

When potential customers visit your website(s) do you have a conversion plan to measure your success? Goals for your site that converts visitors to customers are called "Call To Actions". Call To Actions are specific actions you can direct your visitors to take. Customizing their experience such as getting them to fill out a contact form, or getting your phone to ring. If you don't have a Call To Action on your site you are letting money and potential business slip through the cracks. Websites will never replace a face to face interaction, but they can be the driving force in increasing the number of interactions.

Not Mobile Friendly

According to some sources, 60-80 percent of internet users use their smartphones to browse the internet, it is a terrible mistake to ignore the mobile aspect of the web. Google recently announced that websites optimized for mobile devices will be given better search rankings, compared to those that are not. If you're website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out business.

Need a remedy for these mistakes? Look no further.

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