According to the Deloittle Survey 2016, the emerging workforce ranks Good work-life balance #1 and Flexibility (remote working, flexible hours) #3 as the most important aspects of choosing an employer after Salary. Not promotion. Not professional development. Not company reputation (which ranked very low on the list).

To some it seems like entitlement and irresponsibility and lack of respect and typical Millennial whipper snapper behavior. But even employees who have given 25+ years to the company want to continue working into their golden years while still looking to improve their personal lives.

I’m talking about employees being able to work from home, the coffee shop or even the lake.

But I’m also talking about parents needing to stay home with a sick child without the stress of falling behind.

Or adult children sitting with their parents in the hospital as they recover from a heart attack.

Or a manager who is a guest speaker at a conference, still needing to create reports.

Or during a crunch time, exhausted employees going to the comforts of their home to recharge without the frustration of having to get out in the weather/traffic/professional attire again.

We know almost anyone can do almost anything from almost anywhere. Well, we can if our company’s are equipped to do so.

And that’s why the productivity of a company and their employees’ job satisfaction is linked to the quality of their cloud based, customized software.

Employees have been finding ways to do their jobs without access to their company’s systems. They find programs to compose and calculate and design so we can transfer it to the company system when we get into the office. But third party software is frustrating, especially if conversions are complicated. It’s also unsafe to have data on systems you don’t control. types of customers right out of the box while still getting paid in your preferred currency.

Midwestern Interactive connected multiple chapters of a non-profit with clearance-specific access. Teachers can access their material whether they are at home preparing or at the school in which they are serving.

We provided access to pertinent information to an organization where response time affects the lives of children. So when the staff is having dinner with their families, they can respond to a crisis situation.

We developed an app to relay real-time information to emergency services and school administration during a lockdown. Even if the principal is out of the building, he is able to protect his students and staff.

So yeah, maybe your employees want to be able to work from the lake. But they also want to be able to do their jobs well, whatever their location, even when they aren’t sipping on lemonade in luxury.

Midwestern Interactive develops software precisely for your company’s needs. We research every aspect of your company, literally sitting down with some of your employees to see what they do and what they need to do. We thoroughly test your new system and modify it as needed. We continue to work with you as your needs change and your company grows. And we leave you with a killer program that improves your company, and your employees’ ability to do their jobs.

Let’s talk. You can contact us...even from the lake.

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