If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Am I right? But sometimes we don’t realize it’s broke until it’s fixed.

We’ve had clients come to us hesitantly because they aren’t convinced an electronic system is a wise investment. But once we’ve developed software custom to their business’s needs, they see how poorly their paper-based system worked...or didn’t work.

We’ve collected 5 reasons from non-profit, manufacturing, small business, and legal services clients why customized software makes their business better.

Reason #1: Paperless saves money.

Could your business use extra money?

Maybe you look at your paper budget and think it isn’t that bad. But don’t forget to include the related costs of printers and copiers, ink and toner, staples and paper clips, highlighters and pens, folders and presentations, storage and shipping. Then include duties and potentially job positions dedicated to handling paper. It can add up!

A small business client eliminated their paper budget of $30,000 by switching to Midwestern Interactive’s customized software. It paid for itself in the first year, and has cancelled the paper overhead since.

Reason #2: Paperless is efficient.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate manual and duplicate processes?

Downtime while copiers are being fixed, driving documents across town or to the post office, and filling out multiple forms is a thing of the past. Customized software can save time and manpower.

When a local non-profit learned they spent an hour just on filling out a client’s name on the multiple forms they used, they knew they had to find a solution. Now they input information once and it generates reports and populates the forms used for various purposes… even government forms.

Reason #3: Paperless is safe and accessible.

Wouldn’t you like your employees to have pertinent information at their fingertips no matter where they are?

A non-profit whose sole purpose is to protect their clients safely accesses confidential information from anywhere there is internet. Non-desk jobs are easier to facilitate. And employees who are away from their desk can access information immediately and safely from their phones.

Reason #4: Paperless is easy.

Could you benefit from eliminating complicated processes?

Gone are the days of manually transferring documents (in the building, across town or even around the world). With customized software, communications happen in real time and in a format that works for all purposes.

A manufacturing client found transferring information electronically was far more efficient than manually. With paper, an employee literally ran across a large manufacturing facility from intake to off-loading so deliveries wouldn’t be held up. Now, a simple click checks in the delivery and off-loading is ready when the truck gets there.

Reason #5: Paperless is personal.

Could you use a system that intuits customer need and responds specifically to that need?

You may think the sensations of paper in your hand holds weight with your customers, but a paperless system allows you to personalize communications. Not only is it easier to communicate original messages, but customers receive immediate responses and can engage in ongoing conversation.

Small business, artistic, and non-profit clients have found the software embedded in their website allows them to screen potential clients and respond automatically depending on the client’s need. Their customer service is better and easier.

How Midwestern Interactive Can Help

Unless you're a paper company (or hold a lot of stock in one), it's time to move on. But don’t spend time or money on a generic system. Even if you find software made for your industry, it won’t be customized to your organization’s specific needs. And often you’re paying for a lot of bells and whistles you don’t need.

At Midwestern Interactive, we want to make your business better. We meet with leadership to determine goals, and we sit down with those who will use the software to find out their exact needs. We will test the software in action, train your employees, and modify your software to accommodate changes in your organization.

It’s time to move forward. Let Us Know when you would like to meet.

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