The Key to Launching Your Big Idea

December 22 2017

Let's say you've hired a top tier, multi-talented team (we know one of those) to build a responsive website, a piece of custom software, or a mobile or web app. You've invested in high quality design, and you're ready to introduce this new product to the world. Now what?

Unfortunately, if you build it, they won't come. The internet is not Field of Dreams. You might have the digital version of the world's best baseball field, but cars will not be lining the interstate all the way to your front door to see it. Thousands of new apps and websites appear daily, and online consumers have more choices than ever. In such a competitive market, it's not enough to develop a great product. How do you get that product in front of the people who are most likely to use it?

That's where digital advertising comes in. At Midwestern Interactive, we not only build the best software, websites, and apps around, we can also launch them with effective marketing campaigns and targeted digital advertising. More than half of Americans say they prefer to shop online and 80% report purchasing a product or service online this month. Digital advertising can connect you with those online customers in the venues where they increasingly prefer to spend their money.

Digital Advertising is Trackable

The main advantage digital advertising has over other kinds of advertising is that it’s trackable. We have access to more data about the way people make purchases online than any other consumer habit. For example, if you buy ad space on a billboard, a marketing firm might estimate that 500 people drive by that billboard per day. But other than standing outside and counting cars, you have no way to verify that number. You also can't determine whether it's the same 500 people who see the billboard each day or whether it's 500 different people on different days of the week.

When MWI creates a digital ad, we can tell you exactly how many people see it and how many of those are unique views. We can track the locations where your ad is being seen and the time of day when it’s being viewed most often.

We can also observe how people interact with digital advertising. If we create an email marketing campaign and send it to 1,000 people, we know who opens it and how many people click on the links inside. We can track their interaction with your website and see how many seconds they spend looking at each product and service. We can follow the path they navigate through your site, including what they add or subtract from their shopping cart (even if they don't end up making a purchase).

Digital Advertising is Flexible

Digital advertising allows us to learn more about your potential customers' shopping habits than any other form of advertising, and we can make immediate use of that information. We can quickly determine whether an ad is working. If it’s not, we make adjustments.

One example is a technique called A/B testing. We run two advertisements (A and B) simultaneously and track customers' interactions with each one to find out which is getting the best response. If Advertisement A is less effective than Advertisement B, the we pull Advertisement A and put more resources into Advertisement B.

That kind of flexibility isn't possible with other forms of advertising. It could take months to figure out whether your paper advertisement or radio or TV commercial is sending new customers your way. With digital advertising, we can learn that information almost immediately and if necessary, we can change gears quickly.

The Best Return on Your Digital Advertising Investment

Not all digital advertising is created equal. One of the reasons Midwestern Interactive can promise effective digital advertising is that we do our research. Before we create a digital ad, we learn about your industry, your customers, and their buying habits.

For one recent client, The Law Store, we created a digital ad targeted to a specific audience: motorcyclists in the state of Texas. One of the services The Law Store provides is fixing traffic tickets. None of their competitors were targeting motorcyclists in that region and there was a big opportunity for them to reach a new customer base. Through our market research, we found an untapped group of people who needed a service The Law Store provides. We created a digital advertising campaign that targeted this specific group and saw a phenomenal response to it.  

Not every company that offers digital advertising is willing to do what we do. The quality of digital marketing that Midwestern provides takes time and effort, which means it costs more. Our rates aren’t the cheapest around, but we’re incredibly effective at what we do and we can show you the data to back it up.

When you spend your advertising dollars with us, you'll receive an accurate report of your return on investment. Midwestern Interactive clients receive monthly reports detailing the work we do for them, hour by hour. This includes technical work, creative work, and market research. We also report on web traffic and track customer interactions all the way through to conversions. We want our clients to see how all the pieces work together. It’s a transparent process, and we can offer a broad overview or provide as many details as our clients want to see.

If you've got a great website, mobile app, or piece of software that’s not getting much traction, digital advertising could make all the difference. Midwestern Interactive can help you connect with the customers who are looking for your product. Contact us today, and let’s get started.