Your ‘In House’ Outsourced Web Department

October 13 2017

Maybe your growing business or non-profit has reached the point where it's time to think about hiring a web developer. It's a smart decision. Research shows that consumers who have a positive experience with a company's website are more likely to do business with that company in the future. Adding someone to your team whose job is to build and oversee the structures that optimize user experience makes sense.  And every website that looks sleek and functions smoothly today ...

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Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Have a Responsive Website

October 03 2017

  It's hard to go anywhere - the gym, the coffee shop, the bank - and not be surrounded by people on their mobile devices. Over half of smartphone users report reaching for their device within minutes of waking up each day. As the number of smartphone and tablet users continues to rise, businesses who want to attract new customers will need to be ready to interact with them on their preferred devices. But with so many different kinds of phones, tablets, browsers, and operating ...

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Do You Need an App for That?

October 03 2017

The market for smartphones and tablets has exploded over the last few years, with 68% of Americans using a smartphone every day. Along with this growth, the number of apps available for mobile devices has increased exponentially. The average American smartphone user has 33 apps, and as of March 2017, the Android and Apple stores featured a combined total of 5 million apps. It's no wonder so many business owners are asking themselves, "Would an app help my company grow?" ...

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Perfecting Your Digital Aim: Five Tips to Help You Hit Your Advertising Target

August 18 2017

Digital advertising offers unique opportunities to target ads to specific customers. But making sure the right information gets in front of the right customer at the right time can be a challenge. The Internet is a big place and the targets are always moving  - how can you be sure your ad lands in front of the customer who's most likely to respond? Here's a situation we see often. A few years ago, we met with a client who sold water filters. When most people hear ...

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Should You Hire a Professional Copywriter? The Answer Might Surprise You

July 13 2017

So you've just commissioned a top-tier web design company (that would be us) to build a sleek, functional website. You have the best designers and developers on the job, and now it's time to think about filling out your site with content. Should you write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter to do it? We’d recommend at least considering a professional copywriter, and here’s why: most people don’t have a communications background that has prepared them ...

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Three Ways Midwestern Builds Differently

May 12 2017

It’s springtime and for many folks, home renovation season is upon us. We’ll save a dozen ideas to a Pinterest board, buy supplies from a big box store, and get to work. But sometimes, the finished product ends up looking nothing like we imagined. And if anything goes wrong, most of us don’t have the skill or experience to fix it. What if you could hire the best contractor in the area to make your home renovation dreams come true? What if you could talk to that person ...

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Midwestern Is Hiring

April 27 2017

Overview Midwestern is looking to expand by adding people to our team.  This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door at Midwestern Interactive, and truly make a difference on our team. You must be technically self-driven and thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Positions Needed Developers ( Front End, and/or Back End for Web / Mobile Applications ) Technical Support ( Support tickets, user testing, and customer ...

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MWI: Making Your Future Better

January 09 2017

Last year we grew exponentially. We launched incredibly successful software, grew our Midwestern Interactive family for more comprehensive services, and summited some pretty tough development mountains. Indeed, 2016 was exceptional.  But 2017 is going to be even better.  Here’s a recap of what’s the haps at MWI and what to expect this year.  We’re Growing Our Services If you haven’t been in the office lately, you’d probably be surprised ...

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How to Prevent Micromanaging Your Contractor

October 31 2016

The reasons our clients choose to contract out instead of using staff (or even hiring staff) are many, but two of the most common are: Hiring a contractor frees up your business’s time, personnel, and resources to focus on other things. Contractors have talent and resources many businesses don’t have access to. But too often this reasoning is dismissed once the work begins, and our clients fall into the trap of micromanagement. We get it. It’s hard to let go of ...

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An Alternative RFPs

October 07 2016

Last time we talked about how RFPs actually harm more than help the bidding process when it comes to creatives. We weren’t shy about it. But that’s because we know the RFP process is not only unfair, it hurts the quality of work a business receives from a contractor. And this is true in more than just software and web design. So how exactly do you determine who will do the best work? First, recognize there isn’t an easy way to success. The creative process takes time ...

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Making RFPs Work For You

September 21 2016

​There’s a secret to how to create successful Request for Proposals (RFP) to ensure quality and value from professionals who deliver results. Want to know it? Because we’re willing to tell you. We’re wanting to tell you. We’re waiting to tell you. And here it is. If you want a successful project, the number one rule to using RFPs is...don’t. Don’t use RFPs. RFPs are archaic, counterproductive, illogical business sense, and, frankly, ...

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Turning Website Visitors Into Customers

August 30 2016

There’s a common misconception that if you can just get to the top three listings of a web search, you’re golden. It definitely helps to be front and center. Studies prove that if you aren’t on the first page, preferably the top three, you need to find more reliable methods for getting potential customers to your site. But getting your listing to the top three isn’t guaranteed business. It’s just curb appeal. Once you actually get your customer on your ...

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Software Designed for People, Not the Other Way Around

August 02 2016

How often do you find yourself cursing your software or begging it to do something it just doesn’t do? (If ever, we should talk.)  You may have the best pre-packaged software for your industry. You may have had someone build your software from the ground up. You may have even had a hand in designing your software. But you find you have to find workarounds and hacks to get it to actually work sometimes.  The number one reason software or websites aren’t successful ...

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Great Software Makes Great Customer Service

June 22 2016

My bank is the greatest! Ok, well, I’m sure it’s really good at all that stuff banks are supposed to do. But what’s important to me is my experience. And in that regard, they’re pretty dang swell.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is dressed professionally. I am greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly receptionist who makes sure my needs are met specifically and quickly. I am offered a drink while I wait for someone to help me, which is usually only ...

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A Key to Work Life Balance

June 01 2016

According to the Deloittle Survey 2016, the emerging workforce ranks Good work-life balance #1 and Flexibility (remote working, flexible hours) #3 as the most important aspects of choosing an employer after Salary. Not promotion. Not professional development. Not company reputation (which ranked very low on the list). To some it seems like entitlement and irresponsibility and lack of respect and typical Millennial whipper snapper behavior. But even employees who have given 25+ years to ...

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The Cost of Good Technology

May 17 2016

Cloud computing. Integrated software. Mobile access. Ten years ago these terms were only known by technology experts. Now they’re watercooler topics.  Technology has grown quickly in the last decade and continues to grow even faster. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, technology industries are growing faster than any other industry in the U.S.except Boomer-fed health care. So what does this mean for your company? You Need Good Technology A business’s ...

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Top 5 Reasons Custom Software Is Better

May 05 2016

If you’re looking for the best software for your company, you won’t find it in a box, on a shelf, or with a click. Template-based, generic software can be great for companies starting out. But as your business grows, you’ll find yourself hindered more than helped. Here is what Midwestern Interactive’s custom software can do that pre-packaged software can’t. #1- Midwestern Interactive's custom software is tailored to YOUR needs. Pre-packaged software ...

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Branding in the Bathroom

April 11 2016

Road trip season is upon us, flooding my concentration efforts with memories of Spring times past. Family vacations as a child and now with my own children. Camping trips to the Colorado mountains.  And branding lessons. Because when your job is essentially creative problem solving, are you ever really on vacation? One particular branding lesson I’d like to talk about is the importance of the bathroom. Before you jump to conclusions, I’m not talking about the tiles ...

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The Magic of Midwestern Interactive: Where Technology Wishes Come True

March 23 2016

At risk of sounding a little girly, just think of us as your technological fairy godmothers.  Yeah. That’s definitely too girly.  Genies. Technological genies. With unlimited wishes. And you can, in fact, wish for more wishes.  When you contract with Midwestern Interactive to build custom software, we build it so it fits your company, your goals, your customers, your employees, your market. And once it’s in place, tested and proven, if something changes, ...

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Top 5 Reasons Going Paperless Makes Your Business Better

March 10 2016

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Am I right? But sometimes we don’t realize it’s broke until it’s fixed. We’ve had clients come to us hesitantly because they aren’t convinced an electronic system is a wise investment. But once we’ve developed software custom to their business’s needs, they see how poorly their paper-based system worked...or didn’t work. We’ve collected 5 reasons from non-profit, manufacturing, small ...

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We’re Hiring

March 02 2016

Overview Midwestern is looking to expand by adding an ExpressionEngine Front End & Backend Developer to our team.  This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door as Midwestern Interactive expands, and truly make a difference on our team. You must be a self-driven technical expert and must thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Details Work at our office in Downtown Joplin Full time salaried position (8am-5pm) Computer & Work ...

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How to Make a Logo the MWI Way: Step 3 - Deliverables

March 01 2016

By this stage in the logo process, Midwestern Interactive has put in a lot of hours and made a lot of decisions. We’ve spent numerous hours researching the client, product/service, and industry. We have several logos, adaptable for multi-media including 3D, web, and print in multiple sizes. The logo is distinct, original, memorable and just plain good. We’ve worked hard, and it shows. Now comes the exciting part! It’s kind of like the end of a home makeover show. We ...

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​How to Make a Logo the MWI Way Step 2: Development - Artistry

February 10 2016

You've got ideas now, right? At least something basic that wasn't what you were thinking before you started reading this series. Check, Something that has morphed over time, research, consideration for adaptability, and eliminating trends and clipart,. Right?  Ok, so let's talk about how to make that idea into art.  I assume you have at least a base knowledge in art, so I won't conduct a 101 course. I will, however, share with you some tips for logo design ...

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How to Make a Logo the MWI Way Step 2: Development - Just Say No

February 05 2016

​Ok, before we go any further, we have to talk to you about something very important. We try to be positive, but some issues are too important to avoid.  Don't. Use. Clipart.  Just in case you need a refreshder on what exactly clipart is, here's a basic definition: any image that has already been made and can be adopted by anyone.  Clipart is what you will find installed in your computer's images library, provided for free or a low cost online, and through many ...

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How to Make a Logo the MWI Way Step 2: Development - Adaptability

February 02 2016

We'll admit it, sometimes we sketch an idea while we’re hanging out with friends, doodle while waiting for an appointment, or pretend we’re working while watching a Chiefs game.  But most of our work happens during a scheduled amount of time at the desk with focus music, design partners, and professional resources at hand. Every logo we develop goes through several renderings. The one we start with may be completely different from the one we end with. Sometimes we go back to ...

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​How to Make a Logo the MWI Way

January 11 2016

One of the hottest arguments in web development and graphic design is form vs. function. Midwestern Interactive's stance: the two are inseparable...if you do it right.  Even logo design, a product you would think is heavier on form, integrates form and function. We are artists, but we are also engineers, determining the function of every piece in a company's identity and how it works with the others.  Still, we realize some people believe a DIY logo is more cost effective than ...

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A Lesson on Logos

January 04 2016

Every once in awhile we Google search logos to see what is available to our clients. Then we get distracted and play around with the free logo generators. Then we get angry because 1) there are some really bad logos available for free and for purchase, and 2) people buy these logos and use them for their company's identity.  Please, please don't do this.  Hiring a designer, the right designer, to create your logo can be a lot more expensive than lifting an image off the ...

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SEO “Experts”: Snake Oil Salesmen of Web Development

October 27 2015

Snake oil, as originally made from the Chinese water snake, was actually an effective remedy for ails. When the Chinese immigrated to the America in the 1800's, they shared this treatment with others. The oil being high in Omega Fats helped soothe pain from a day of hard labor.  Quickly, someone found quick and cheap methods for production of a similar product and began selling it to idealistic masses. On roadsides and at fairs, fancy-looking salesmen demonstrated miracle healings ...

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Design vs. Development: The Difference Could Cost You Customers

October 22 2015

​I have been through many Facebook overhauls, so I barely flinched when my most used app had a big update promising a fresh, new look.  It has a fresh, new look, but looks aren't everything. With it came new menu and navigation, and they aren't working properly.   I emailed my concerns, they politely replied it would have to wait for the next app update.  The buttons used to work! Can't they just move the button or change the path thingamajig?! Isn't there some snippet ...

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There’s A Difference

August 24 2015

There are systems and resources out there that can turn just about anyone into a website “professional”. With the ability to install a theme or drag-and-drop photos and videos anywhere you want on a page, anyone can become a guru. This gives the appearance that there isn’t a difference between these website “professionals” and actual website developers. Don't be fooled there is a difference. WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and so many others offer the most basic website users the ...

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Welcome Spangler To The Team

July 28 2015

​Michael Spangler is the newest addition to the team here at Midwestern. We are confident in his skill sets and know he will be a great asset to our clients. Michael is a man who has a work ethic that comes from his service for our country in the Military. We are greatful to have Mike on our team and love having him and his personality in the office. Everyone please welcome Mike to the team. Professional Skills: HTML5 CSS3 Servers JQuery MySQL PHP Networking Information ...

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You’re Missing Out

July 16 2015

You know that feeling when you're missing something big? It's as if something huge is either currently happening or about to happen and you just flat out miss it? We think good web development is this something. As we hear feedback from Our Clients, the websites we build are powerful search optimization tools in the success of their business or organization. Are you missing out?Search Engine Optimization (SEO)If you aren't investing in SEO, then you are forfeiting potential revenue for ...

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An Outdated Website Could Be Hurting Your Business

June 09 2015

A website is one of the best marketing tools a small business can acquire, and if executed right your website can ensure that answers to your customer’s questions are consumable by any potential consumer. When a website is old, or has a thrown together design, or outright dysfunctional experience, it can negatively impact your businesses image and potential sales. In most cases your potential clients first impression of you and your services come from their experience on your website. ...

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Is Your Website Still Not Responsive? Google Just Forgot You.

May 12 2015

​On April 21st a new Google Search Results Algorithm was released. In this algorithm, as well as future algorithms, websites that are not responsive, viewable on mobile or tablet sized viewports, will not return high on search results. We pride ourselves on developing mobile-friendly, responsive websites and providing Search Engine Optimization for our clients. The Hershewe Law Firm, Buchanan, Williams & Stilley, and SS&B Heating & Cooling are just a few of our clients that are ...

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Welcome To The Team.

March 06 2015

Midwestern is proud to announce a new addition to our team. Junior designer Gabe Quick is a multi talented asset to Midwestern and our clients. Gabe is going to help with design support, quality control, client communication, and SEO. Gabe is committed to producing the highest quality work, and experiences for our clients. Below are a few of his professional skills and passions. Professional Skills:Adobe Creative SuiteBranding / Identity DesignPublication DesignSocial Media ...

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Bad News.

January 20 2015

We’ve got some bad news.  When your company or organization needs a new website or cloud based application it's almost impossible to know who you can trust to design and develop your project. Everywhere you look there are nightmare stories about people getting taken advantage of by development companies.  Promises about capabilities, deliverables, and timelines which are clearly a misrepresentation of reality just to "close the deal". We hope this doesn't sound familiar, but ...

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We Are Growing

July 16 2014

​Welcome Ryan Doss to the Midwestern Interactive team! We are proud to announce the addition to the skill sets here at Midwestern. Ryan's ultimate goal is to provide the best service available with the newest standards and technology available. He is a very quick resourceful learner, and is able to achieve the project at hand at a professional level. Ryan has a strong degree of knowledge in various languages and creative skill sets having worked with the web 10+ years he has a depth of ...

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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

May 30 2014

Search Engine Optimization is the new land rush. Everyone is trying to do what they can to position themselves higher and higher on Search Engine results. Some are having great success and some aren't. Some will tell you they can get you on the first page over night, and where they might be able to do that with paid advertising, studies show most people unless searching for retail products will 9 times out of 10 choose organic results over advertised results. At Midwestern Interactive we ...

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What We’ve Been Working On

February 26 2014

It's here at last! Welcome to the new midwesterninteractive.com! We've been hard at work getting this site up and running. We are excited to finally be able to invite all of you fine people in to poke around and see what we've been up to. We've designed this site for ourselves not only to showcase solutions we've provided for our clients, but to also explain the decisions that led to those solutions. As a company, we pride ourselves in delivering unique and custom solutions to ...

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