"We wanted a fully responsive site that would educate and inspire. Midwestern went above and beyond this in crafting our site."
-Rapha House
Web Design Logo

Rapha House needed a site that gave them a platform to share news to, and educate users of their efforts in rescuing girls out of human trafficking. They wanted to display this content in a creative and innovative way.

Midwestern wanted to come at this project and design around the content that Rapha House had and do it in a creative and innovative way. The Home page features a looping background video to instantly catch the users eye into the story of human trafficking. Immediately after, three sliders takes you through the story of human trafficking and Rapha House as an organization. Finally, an animation filled feed displays the most recent news and product Rapha House wants users to pay attention to.

Rapha House's web site needed to have a dynamic and engaging way of sharing recent news of their efforts in rescuing girls out of human trafficking. We did this by providing a featured section of the five updates Rapha House wants to draw users towards followed by a feed, like the one on the home page, with the most recently posted updates.

Midwestern provided a creative solution to taking users through the story of human trafficking. Users will go through a 4-step process in learning what human trafficking is and how they can join the efforts of Rapha House. In each of the four steps, the background image stays with you as you scroll, and has at-least one call-to-action section. This section has pushed the limits of what was capable in a section of a site like this.

Software Application Development

Rapha House needed donation and shop functionalities on their web site. These sections will allow users to navigate with ease and help Rapha House maximize their potential revenue gathered.

Midwestern wanted to give users a friendly shopping experience with Rapha House. Whether you want to search for the products you want to buy, or use the smooth animating filter by category buttons, you will be able to find the product you want with ease. Rapha House will benefit from this user-friendly store by making the flow from product to checkout as easy on the potential customer as possible.

Rapha House wanted a donation functionality on the site that would allow users to easily give to the fight against human trafficking. Midwestern came at this part of the site wanting to do something custom and different than you see on other donation pages. We designed and developed a feature that would allow users to Add A Shirt to their donation as an extra donation. This has a "Walmart Checkout" kind of feel. Users are presented with the option to add a shirt to increase the potential revenue for Rapha House in each donation. Also, there is an option for single or recurring monthly donations. Every 30 days Rapha House will receive an amount that the user has committed to without the user making a new donation every month. The potential of recurring donations for a non-profit organization is very powerful. Rapha House will benefit greatly from this custom functionality.