"Midwestern was professional from start-to-finish, and they did an amazing job of helping us execute our goals and objectives."
-Forest Park

A Solid Framework for Vision

For 150 years, Forest Park Church has grown steadily in membership, facilities, staff and services. They've recently expanded to include satellite campuses in the nearby city of Carthage and on the north side of Joplin. 

Traditionally, church plants are built from the ground up--both literally and regarding staff, services, and membership. Consequently, these congregations evolved into separate fellowships altogether. 

With modern changes in communication, however, Forest Park is able to unify their campuses as one congregation. Instead of starting at zero, their new campuses have all the resources available to the original body of believers from the first time they open their doors. 

Meeting in three locations while maintaining a sense of unity has its challenges. Forest Park unifies the three campuses with common video sermons so all members hear the same message. Likewise, each campus has its own pastoral staff that is unified in the Forest Park vision. But it isn't enough.

Forest Park approached Midwestern Interactive to develop a website as another point of unity. Rather than simply front loading a template, we developed a strategy that would further unify the campuses but still accommodate the individuality of each campus and each user.

Many People, One Site

Forest Park's vision of meeting people's individual needs translates to the website as well. The website must accommodate the diverse individuals using the site: staff, members, potential attendees, and the community. And it must predict the users' needs and purpose for visiting the site. 

Midwestern Interactive developed a site that would quickly provide the answers users are looking for. Content is balanced and organized. Navigation is intuitive and responsive to the needs and abilities of the users. And access is translated for mobile devices so those on-the-go could use the site and its multimedia resources anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic Content and Design

Forest Park's vision of unity includes multimedia and branding. Instead of developing new web content for the sake of new content (which many sites do to increase SEO), content is organically created. It's essential to their vision!

Forest Park's media team creates video, audio and documents that are disseminated to the congregation in weekly services. We developed their site to accommodate regularly updating multimedia as well as incorporating each sermon series' branding into the web page. Midwestern Interactive's framework allows for technical and creative changes while protecting the integrity of the website as a whole.

Forest Park's Desire 

Forest Park's vision is to meet people where they are and serve them individually according to their need. They encourage one-on-one interaction with staff, sharing their most desperate needs with staff and finding their place in the larger Forest Park family. This isn't new. But with a quality website that carefully considers user and organization needs, they can reach out in new ways.

Forest Park is a multi-site church in Joplin, MO.