"Midwestern was professional from start-to-finish, and they did an amazing job of helping us execute our goals and objectives."
-Forest Park

Forest Park

Forest Park is one church with multiple locations, and when they came to Midwestern they wanted a web solution that helped streamline communication to all campuses and ministries. They simultaneously wanted to showcase the differences between each campus, as well as ways to post and share messages grouped by sermon series. Midwestern met with Forest Park leaders and developed their goals and objectives, executing based on their expectations.

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Forest Park is a multi-site church in Joplin, MO.
"I wanted my visual presence on the web to be congruent with the quality of the music I write, and Midwestern did exactly that."
-Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson

Midwestern provided a site for Tony Anderson to fulfill his needs for a website that would showcase the caliber of clients who license his music, as well as examples of how his music is used in cinematography. He needed a site that allowed people to not only hear his music, but experience it. He wanted visitors to the site to fall in love with the music, and we developed a way for Tony to field license requests from potential clients who want to use his music for their projects.

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Tony Anderson composes music and score for films.
"Midwestern strives to understand their clients’ needs and deliver quality systems that enhance their clients’ strengths."
-Art Feeds

Art Feeds

Art Feeds came to Midwestern to help the organization expand nationally. They needed to set up new chapters all over the country, and they needed a unique site with the Art Feeds theme. They also needed a way to showcase curriculum for all of their teachers online so that every chapter would have access to the Art Feeds curriculum in a controlled, protected way.

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"We went over it once and that was it. Bart and Matt just got it. The ins and outs. The details. We knew immediately we wanted to work with them. They were able to see Children's Haven's specific needs"
-Children’s Haven

Children’s Haven

Children's Haven came to Midwestern Interactive to audit their physical pen and paper processes and devise a plan to digitize their workflow. The digitization of Children's Haven's workflow has given them more time to help the clients they serve and reduced the amount of time it takes to keep track of all the data, and items associated with each client. This project has has changed the way they serve their clients from the second a client begins to be taken in through the time they exit Children's Haven.

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Children's Haven's web app digitizes their intake and maintenance processes.
"Midwestern asked the right questions to help us communicate our identity and created a site that allows us to engage our people."
-Hope City Church

Hope City Church

When Hope City came to us, they wanted to create a website that was designed and developed with high quality. They wanted a website that would give them a sense of pride in who they are and who they want to be to the community of Joplin, Mo. Midwestern Interactive loves working with nonprofit organizations to communicate their purpose on the Internet in excellent ways. Hope City wanted to give their members and first-time guests all the information they would need to be connected throughout the week and to be prepared for gatherings on weekends. Midwestern Interactive developed a beautifully crafted website for people to enjoy on their mobile phones, on the go or on their computers at home.

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Hope City is a Christian Church in Joplin, MO.
"We wanted a fully responsive site that would educate and inspire. Midwestern went above and beyond this in crafting our site."
-Rapha House

Rapha House

Rapha House is a non-profit that rescues girls out of human trafficking, and when they came to Midwestern they wanted a web solution that gave them a platform to spread awareness and share news of their efforts. They also wanted to sell their many products and be able to tell their story of rescue in a creative and innovative way. Midwestern met with Rapha House and established and executed the goals and objectives of Rapha House.

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