"We went over it once and that was it. Bart and Matt just got it. The ins and outs. The details. We knew immediately we wanted to work with them. They were able to see Children's Haven's specific needs"
-Children’s Haven

Children’s Haven

Children's Haven came to Midwestern Interactive to audit their physical pen and paper processes and devise a plan to digitize their workflow. The digitization of Children's Haven's workflow has given them more time to help the clients they serve and reduced the amount of time it takes to keep track of all the data, and items associated with each client. This project has has changed the way they serve their clients from the second a client begins to be taken in through the time they exit Children's Haven.

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Children's Haven's web app digitizes their intake and maintenance processes.
"Midwestern delivered a beautifully crafted, uniquely responsive site that has taken us to page one on Google search results."
-SS&B Heating & Cooling

SS&B Heating & Cooling

SS&B Heating & Cooling came to Midwestern with goals for a complete redesign of the company’s website. They needed a site their customers could access on any device. They also had specific Search Engine Optimization goals to increase their organic placement on search results. They wanted to make it to the first page of HVAC searches.

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Midwestern helped SS&B Heating and Cooling rise and remain on the first page of Google
"Midwestern Interactive took the ideas in my head and made them come to life in a way I couldn't dream was possible."


LOKDOWN is an emergency communication tool that was build to aid school districts, and first emergency responders in the event of an emergency crisis. This cloud based software was developed to send notifications to teachers and need to know staff about an emergency situation. Not only does it notify users via text and email. It allows people inside the walls of the crisis to communicate with the emergency responders outside walls.

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LOKDOWN is a cloud based communication tool used by School Staff, Administration, and Local Emergency Responders to communicate during an emergency.
"We wanted to answer 80% of peoples' questions upon a single visit to our website, and the guys at Midwestern made that happen."
-Unearthed Pictures

Unearthed Pictures

Unearthed Pictures needed a presence online that would allow a new viewer to connect with its films in absolute clarity and with no hang-ups. The company wanted to answer 70–80% of peoples’ questions with a single visit to the website. Midwestern incorporated fundraising tools and strategies to track progress and growth on film projects. This needed to be responsive, so any users could interact with the Unearthed site on any device used.

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Unearthed Pictures brings attention to the fight on sexual exploitation http://unearthedpictures.org
"Midwestern was professional from start-to-finish, and they did an amazing job of helping us execute our goals and objectives."
-Forest Park

Forest Park

Forest Park is one church with multiple locations, and when they came to Midwestern they wanted a web solution that helped streamline communication to all campuses and ministries. They simultaneously wanted to showcase the differences between each campus, as well as ways to post and share messages grouped by sermon series. Midwestern met with Forest Park leaders and developed their goals and objectives, executing based on their expectations.

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Forest Park is a multi-site church in Joplin, MO.
"Midwestern aimed to deliver a unique and quality website that was Responsive, and SEO friendly and they did just that."
-SS Custom Landscaping & Dirtwork

SS Custom Landscaping & Dirtwork

SS Custom Landscaping & Dirtwork came to Midwestern with goals for a complete design and development of the company’s website. They needed a site that would be viewable on any device. They also had specific Search Engine Optimization goals to increase their ranking in search engine results.

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Joplin Landscaping.