Matt Johnson is owner and developer at Midwestern Interactive. Matt Johnson is a owner and developer at Midwestern Interactive.

Matt Johnson Co-Founder

Bart Paden is an owner and designer for Midwestern Interactive Bart Paden functions as owner and designer at Midwestern Interactive

Bart Paden Co-Founder

Ryan Doss functions as a Developer at Midwestern Interactive. Ryan Doss functions as a Developer at Midwestern Interactive.

Ryan Doss Lead Developer

Michael Spangler is a Developer for Midwestern Interactive in Joplin, MO. Michael Spangler is a developer at Midwestern Interactive.

Michael Spangler Developer

Tyler Viles Junior Developer

Jordan Heigle Junior Developer

About Us

Midwestern Interactive was established by co-founders Bart Paden and Matthew Johnson to be a solutions provider of web technologies for organizations and businesses. The company serves businesses in its hometown of Joplin, MO, as well as throughout the Midwest and even on a national level. Paden and Johnson make it a priority to set clear goals and objectives for every project. This gives the company a foundation upon which to build its success. It also means there are tangible benchmarks, which can be used to make sure clients receive a return on their investment.

While primarily a website, application design and development company, Midwestern has many years experience in just about every creative, technical and marketing field you could think of. If you need help building your identity or brand from scratch – repairing, rebranding or simply maintaining and managing your image – we have experience that counts. If you have a marketing plan that doesn’t include the Internet, Midwestern can help you grab hold of this critical technology and make sure your reach includes all of the world wide web.

Maybe you got a website because a voice whispered in your ear, “If you build it they will come” … and now you realize it’s just not working. The good news is Midwestern understands what search engines – like Google, Yahoo and Bing – are looking for when it comes to ranking your website. Paden and Johnson can help you optimize your company’s content to work for you.

Midwestern also has a vast amount of experience with designing and building user interfaces and user experiences, which will connect your visitors to the answers they’re seeking. Midwestern’s custom approach to design and development also means you have complete control over the look and feel of your site. This means your site will look and function exactly the way it needs to for you to have success. It’s not going to be a recycled template most of those “freebie” companies like Squarespace, Wix, Web dot com and GoDaddy are using.

Midwestern also does custom application development. Do you have an idea for an “App” bouncing around between your ears? Do you have a process in your business or organization that has been done with pencil and paper since 1968? We can help you integrate into a cloud-based, digital leader within your industry. We’ve designed and developed several applications for clients of all sizes. They all ended up becoming more efficient while saving some money.


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"We wanted a fully responsive site that would educate and inspire. Midwestern went above and beyond this in crafting our site."

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